Spring was in the hair at ABS-Chicago

ABS is always a great show! Our team was totally on point. We had a great rotation of demonstrations both days and the booth was sold out of our most popular items on Day One! I think we were all pretty excited to share our new techniques from “Highlighting Between the Lines.”

My personal favorite is Corrugated Color. It’s perfect for spring! Spring hair color has a very soft yet brighter feel. This picture of Allison Williams (actress on the show “Girls”) is a great example of what Corrugated Color can look like. Corrugated Color creates veils of shimmer and beautiful ribbons of light.



To create the look you will need the following:

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-Kristen Linares  www.KristenLinares.com

Product Club turns up the heat in Florida!

Premiere Orlando was a great show for Product Club Color Accessories!

Some of the most popular items stylists loved this year were our new foil assistants- now made for pre-cut foils and pop-up foils!

Foil boards were also a hit, with the trends of balayage  and color melding coming back strong.

Thermal wraps have become a very popular Product Club tool in the world of balayage, color refreshment, and end-light coloring techniques.  The wraps are “self-adhesive” when color is applied to them, making them a great tool for even the most novice colorist.  Plus, they are eco-friendly- reusable up to 5 times!

Adrienne and Nicole hosted some wonderful classes on the Art of Highlighting and the trend of the “New Blonde”- a color technique that incorporates dimension and depth back to the traditional blonde.

The demo stage was a popular spot for colorists to witness new and upcoming techniques, and twists on the old classics.

I’m looking forward to another great show next year!
Amanda Lenz


Last week was the IBS show in NYC. I love this show and really enjoy seeing my team and all my friends from the city. I had amazing turnout in my classes and did my best to help them hear me. They were wildly understanding with the circumstances we taught in. This year we were in a large hall with curtains around each classroom and it was tough to hear and be heard! I am so grateful everyone toughed it out and helped us have one of our best crowds ever! I love to see those of you that come year after year. It makes me so happy to build our relationships and hash out ideas together. If you ever think of anything you’d like to focus on I’d love to hear it. Post it on our Facebook page and I’ll do my best to address it. Best to you all!

San Jose 2013

I always look forward to San Jose. The people who come there are always eager to learn and well rounded. I seem to learn from them every time I could there. They always share good information and are a fun group to talk with. I ran into a woman who was in my class last year and she sent me a client that had moved from San Francisco. I did her hair last week! What a great way to referral! Can’t wait until next year!

West Coast, Best Coast

Last weekend at ISSE in Long Beach, CA, Product Club was a ray of sunshine.
With great classes led by Adrienne Rogers and Melissa Johnson (of the East Coast :) ), students and stylists alike were enlightened to the newest foiling techniques available.

I enjoyed getting to finally visit Southern California, and I was very impressed by the level of education and trendsetting there.

Also, being a highlighting junkie- LOVED the beautiful blondes! Sun-kissed, platinum, ombre-d, rooted- wow!

Until next year, Best Coast

Amanda Lenz


As usual, I had a great time in Texas at the AMCO Austin show.  I’m always excited to see familiar faces and share new techniques with this always eager crowd.  We added an extra class time this year which was a success.  The Art of Highlighting DVD’s sold out  and continue to be a great resource for motivated colorist all over the country.  See you all next year and I can’t wait to hear how everyone adapted the techniques they learned into their own everyday color work.

AMCO show

As always i had an awesome weekend with Nicole, Ruth , and Alyssa working in Austin Texas this past weekend. We had awesome crowds the whole weekend in the booth with sales and also demo stage as well. Ruth and Nicole’s classes were also a great hit and they were both full, both days. We also did the best in dvd sales ive ever seen use do this past weekend as well by pretty much selling out of every one we had. Its great to see so many people out there wanting to learn more and better them selfs and their guest’s hair. Nicole, Ruth, and Alyssa also adopted a dog we found in the streets of Austin for the night…..Never a dull moment on a product club trip!lol All in all it was a great weekend and a successful show for us.

Armstrong McCall World’s Fair Show with Nicole Lynne

Sunday – Monday, August 26-27 – Armstrong McCall World’s Fair Show – Austin, TX – Nicole Lynne & Ruth Andolsen will be teaching The Art of Highlighting – 3 classes per day. For more info and time schedules visit worldsfairhairshow.com.

 Meet Nicole Lynne:
Nicole began her career in new york city attending Carsten institute at the age of 21. upon graduating, Nicole worked at the Peter Louis salon in midtown learning her skill for thermal reconditioning and extensions. after graduating from cosmetology school, she spread her wings and was hired at Arrojo studio. This is where she picked up the difficult skill of cutting with a straight razor. Nicole also fell in love with dimensional, trendy, celebrity hair color. living in the city was taking it’s toll on her so she decided to move back home. Nicole moved back to pa and joined Patrick McIvor Color studio. Nicole has had the opportunity of working backstage at New York City Fashion Week, featured  in numerous magazines and online features. today, you can find Nicole pumping out fashionable hair color and beautiful, seamless haircuts at Nicole Lynne Hair.
What’s your favorite Product Club tool? My favorite product club tool is a hard one to pinpoint because I generally love all of our tools, but if I had to pick just one it would be our Digital Scale that weighs in grams and ounces. The reason for me being totally in love with this product is because as a salon owner it cuts down on product waste and I can create a formula that is exact all the time, every time. As an educator I put strong emphasis on being professional at all times and taking pride in doing things the right way. Salons aren’t your mom and pop shops anymore and more and more women are owning their own high end salons versus doing hair in their basements. The industry is and has been changing, so using tools that give you a more precise and effective result 100% of the time is a tool that needs to be in every salon and that fabulous tool is Product Club’s Digital Scale.
What Product Club technique will you use most for Fall 2012? As for hair color trends, there is still a huge demand for ends that are lighter & brighter. I am a personal favorite of our Puddling technique and it’s variation, chandeliering. I can predict that Fall 2012 will be a little bolder for color. With fringe making it’s way back into Fall 2012, I can see a strong presence of “healthier highlights”. A new twist on the word “chunk”. With someone who has a strong, blunt fringe, having soft highlights throughout can soften that look. I would recommend using Crescent Panels to accent “The Fringe for Fall” Crescent Panels is a technique that can be found on DVD 3 of “The Art of Highlighting”.

Source: google.com via Nicole on Pinterest

What do you think will be hot in haicolor for Fall 2012? With buns, waves, and braids making a HUGE splash in trends this summer, I think color needs to compliment those girly twists. Women are really getting into doing their hair and getting out of the round brush routine every morning. I feel color choices that pack a punch, but are still soft is the best way to go. With the explosion of Pinterest, the plethera of choices is unlimited. I love when someone comes into my salon and wants to make a change, it’s not about which celeb, its “Let check out my Pinterest Board” … Here a few favs that have been coming in non stop …

Armstrong McCall World’s Fair Show with Ruth Andolsen

Sunday – Monday, August 26-27 – Armstrong McCall World’s Fair Show – Austin, TX – Nicole Lynne & Ruth Andolsen will be teaching The Art of Highlighting – 3 classes per day. For more info and time schedules visit worldsfairhairshow.com.

     Meet Ruth AndolsenRuth specializes in color at Adrienne Roger’s highly regarded salon, Hush       Salon in Philadelphia. She received Best Colorist in 2010 from Philadelphia Weekly. Ruth has participated in New York Fashion Week for several seasons and is always on top of current trends via her obsession with fashion blogs and high end fashion magazines. Ruth teaches practical salon friendly techniques that both beginner and advanced colorists can implement in their daily work. She is an approachable, down to earth educator who believes everyone can achieve celebrity worthy hair color.
What is your favorite Product Club tool? My Favorite Product Club tool is the Color Whip.  I highlight all day long and the color whip makes the consistency of my lightener perfect!


What Product Club Techniques will you use most for Fall 2012? For the fall, ombre is still very popular and my favorite way to create this look in a rich way is with Laurie’s technique Skylighting.  I’ve been using this technique all year with great results, even with clients who have grey because you apply the single process first and then go in and then highlight.  For clients who have tried ombre and wants something new, I’m glazing their preexisting highlights to create less contrast and lightness and more tone on tone variation like Leighton Meester

What do you think will be hot in haircolor for Fall 2012?
Clients always want to go darker in the fall but I predict that red will be they way they choose to do so.  Ashley Green is a huge red hair muse for me as is fashion model Lydia Hearst. I give my red headed clients rich natural dimension by using my Raylighting techinique all around the hair line front and back.  I process that to my desired level of lift shampoo, dry and then apply a red glaze under heat for 20 minutes and then let it cool for 10.




What can we expect to learn in your class this weekend? I will be talking about how understanding ombre techniques can help with corrective color and will be using the raylighting for reds technique as well.

Teach others and teach yourself

Kristen Linares is one of our St. Louis educators…check out what she has to say about being an educator…


Teach others and teach yourself

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The beauty industry is a fascinating world. It’s always changing and there’s never a dull moment. I have the honor of working with a hair color education company called Product Club Color Accessories. Unlike most hair color education we strive to teach technique rather than a specific color line. We have a line of professional colorist tools that set the tone for an amazing experience behind the chair.

I believe when you are required to teach a subject you continuously educate yourself. For example this whole blogging thing has forced me to learn the importance of tagging and dive in deeper to social media. Something I would have never thought twice about if I never ventured into the blogging universe.

Nervous in front of crowds? I have come to find that waiting to think or plan about my seminars until a week before does me well. Live your life and when it comes time to stand and deliver remember that the people in front of you are there because they feel your knowledge is valuable. If you make a mistake, laugh because it’s silly and move on. We are all human!