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Product Club turns up the heat in Florida!

Premiere Orlando was a great show for Product Club Color Accessories!

Some of the most popular items stylists loved this year were our new foil assistants- now made for pre-cut foils and pop-up foils!

Foil boards were also a hit, with the trends of balayage  and color melding coming back strong.

Thermal wraps have become a very popular Product Club tool in the world of balayage, color refreshment, and end-light coloring techniques.  The wraps are “self-adhesive” when color is applied to them, making them a great tool for even the most novice colorist.  Plus, they are eco-friendly- reusable up to 5 times!

Adrienne and Nicole hosted some wonderful classes on the Art of Highlighting and the trend of the “New Blonde”- a color technique that incorporates dimension and depth back to the traditional blonde.

The demo stage was a popular spot for colorists to witness new and upcoming techniques, and twists on the old classics.

I’m looking forward to another great show next year!
Amanda Lenz

West Coast, Best Coast

Last weekend at ISSE in Long Beach, CA, Product Club was a ray of sunshine.
With great classes led by Adrienne Rogers and Melissa Johnson (of the East Coast :) ), students and stylists alike were enlightened to the newest foiling techniques available.

I enjoyed getting to finally visit Southern California, and I was very impressed by the level of education and trendsetting there.

Also, being a highlighting junkie- LOVED the beautiful blondes! Sun-kissed, platinum, ombre-d, rooted- wow!

Until next year, Best Coast

Amanda Lenz


Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando, Florida

We had a great weekend in Florida… Product Club was selling out of our Station Mats & Color Stations, Color Whips & Scales, Thermal Wraps & Foils.  Adrienne and Melissa taught some fantastic highlighting classes and we had great feedback from the attendees.

Devin, Adam, Ruth, & I had a fun time demonstrating different techniques off of our new DVD set, The Art of Highlighting.  If you loved Beyond Basic Foiling, these are the next step for you to advance your highlighting skills and get inspired!

See ya in Orlando next year!
Amanda Lenz


This year’s International Beauty Show in NYC was a great time, as expected!

The demo booth for Product Club was a hit with Gabriel, Shawn, and myself rotating the demo stage with our adaptations of techniques from the Art of Highlighting DVD’s.  Mary, Alyssa, Eric, and Kevin kept us going in the booth, too!

Melissa Johnson and Adrienne Rogers, two of the best artists in our industry, brought relatable and fashion forward techniques to the eager minds at IBS 2012.

Of course, NYC itself was a great place to stay and I’m looking forward to next year’s show!
Amanda Lenz

“Keep Austin Weird”

Austin, TX has a saying: “Keep Austin Weird”… I think weird was wonderful.

Last weekend Rachel and I had the pleasure of working the RDA Show in Austin, TX.  We were joined by the well-loved rep Kenny Rogers (not the singer).

Product Club had an awesome booth full of our products, and the people of Texas obviously know what they want when it comes to coloring hair.  The Quick Study Color Guide (everything you need to know in one place!), colored foils (the most fun a colorist can have), and our Color Stations & Station Mats were among some of the hot items.  If you haven’t checked these products out, make sure you visit our website!

Rachel taught 5 classes over 2 days, and the reviews from the attendees were excellent.  She inspires even the most experienced colorists with her relatable style, advanced techniques, and her fun demeanor.  Make sure you get to take one of her classes at the next show you attend.

Besides being a great show for Product Club, Austin was a great city to be in.  The people were nice, the weather was beautiful, and there were endless stores to shop and things to see.  I can’t wait to go back!

Until next time, happy coloring!

Amanda Lenz


Illinois: The State of Fun Hair Shows & Delicious Popcorn

Hello all!

The weekend before Easter I was in Lombard, Illinois at The Westin Lombard for the Expression 2012 Show.

I was working for Product Club with Melissa Johnson, and we always have a wonderful time together… but more importantly, we were sharing the awesome-ness of Product Club with everyone we could.

Melissa taught 4 classes in two days on new technique variations from our latest DVD’s, The Art of Highlighting… I manned the booth helping people find their favorite Product Club tools and many of our newest ones, too!

Thermal Wraps, Great Grips Clips, Foil Boards and Foil Assistants were the hot items in Illinois, and rightfully so.  Every stylist should have these tools to keep work professional and exciting!

Rich Mucha was stuck dealing with Melissa & I when we got silly at the end of the days, but that man has a great respect and care for our industry.  Rich has a passion for the integrity of our industry, and for that, I want to give Rich a big thank you.

After a fun & educational weekend, Melissa & I got to try Garrett’s Popcorn… I highly recommend it, if you have the willpower to resist eating the whole bag…

Thanks again for a great weekend, Product Club!

Amanda Lenz

Ocean City Adventure

Last weekend was Bike Week in Ocean City, MD… but more importantly, it was also a weekend of fun & education at Salon Centric’s Beauty Show.

Saturday & Sunday brought enough rain to drown an alligator, but I didn’t mind because I was living it up at the Product Club booth.  I had great neighbors in Sam Villa’s team and we sold a lot of great Product Club tools over the 3 days of the show.  And the plus side was that Monday brought beautiful weather, check below for some pictures, as the show was held at a convention center on the bay (lucky us! :))

The silver pop-up foils and black nitrile gloves were most certainly the stars of the Product Club booth, both are great professional tools.  If you don’t have them, I highly suggest trying them out (and the best part is that the pop-up foils come in fuschia & chartruese- yay color!!).

As always, I had a great time working for Product Club.  I even got to go to my very first biker bar while is OCMD… always an adventure!!

Until next time,
Amanda Lenz

Rainy Days

My Little Buddy


Guest appearance by Melissa J!


Premiere Orlando

Product Club turned up the heat at Premiere!  This show was super fun and education-filled!

We had both hands-on and demonstration classes, and of course we were rocking out the foil techniques in our booth.  Everyone got Product Club tattoos this weekend (temporary…) to celebrate our fun new tattoo foil. Making color more colorful, indeed!…

The new set of DVDs, The Art of Highlighting, were flying off the shelves! If you didn’t pick them up at the show, definitely go to our site and purchase the set… they will open your eyes and mind to a new generation of color techniques, and help keep work fun!

I also want to celebrate that the demonstration stage in the booth is no longer scary for me.. this show proved to me how much we can really spread the knowledge and how important it is to share ideas with those eager to learn. Yay!

I’ve included a couple of pictures behind the scenes… the mannequins that took over Rachel and my bathroom, and exactly how many Product Club employees can fit in one Ford Taurus (the answer is six!).

Til next time, happy coloring!

Amanda Lenz

The Garden State

This past weekend Emiliani held it’s Beauty Festival in Edison, NJ.  Nicole and I were happy to be in the Garden State selling out at the Product Club booth.  We sold out of all our jaw clips, tray mats, black gloves, and colored foils.  Yay!!! Professionalism was the theme of the show.  All attendees had a great interest in seeking out our booth.  It is so wonderful to be a part of a company that is now setting the bar high for our industry.

As I was walking around the show floor on Monday, I ran into the cast of Jerseylicious, tanned and bouffanted with a large crowd surrounding them. Film crews for the show and for Glamour magazine were present most of the day.

I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Salon Guy, Stephen Marinaro.  He sang Product Club’s praises and asked me to explain our objective and my favorite products, check it out on his website!

Nicole and I also got out and explored Edison itself, venturing far and wide to find some food and beer. Hailey’s Harp and Pub treated us well, and we went to bed relaxed with full bellies.  Yum!

As always, thanks to everyone who made it to the show.

Amanda Lenz

Our Emiliani Friend, Matt

Peels Show – Council Bluffs, IA

Fun times in Iowa.  Melissa and I travelled to Iowa Friday, September 17th for the show hosted by Peels at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs.  Product Club was by far one of the most beloved booths this past weekend, woo hoo! We had people seeking us out to test our new whisks, spatulas, and ingenious non-slip, heat-resistant tray mats… I have been using these at work everyday since we received them and I am IN LOVE!

Melissa had five classes between Saturday and Sunday, demonstrating the most fashion-forward techniques for the fall season. We also conducted a super fun hands-on class on Sunday with a very ambitious group of students.  Melissa taught advanced highlighting techniques Petal Spray and Color Scoop, featured on the iFoil in Color DVD. We had a great time discussing and comparing professional images, techniques, and marketing ideas.  It is a privilege to not only share our ideas and concepts with other stylists but to hear and experience theirs as well.  Our greatest resource in this industry is taking the discoveries and challenges and innovations of those around us, to help us grow and develop professionally.

Thanks to everyone who attended the show and our classes, looking forward to returning!

Amanda Lenz

Check out some “action shots” from our time in the corn state :)

Product Club Booth Product Club Booth