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AMCO show

As always i had an awesome weekend with Nicole, Ruth , and Alyssa working in Austin Texas this past weekend. We had awesome crowds the whole weekend in the booth with sales and also demo stage as well. Ruth and Nicole’s classes were also a great hit and they were both full, both days. We also did the best in dvd sales ive ever seen use do this past weekend as well by pretty much selling out of every one we had. Its great to see so many people out there wanting to learn more and better them selfs and their guest’s hair. Nicole, Ruth, and Alyssa also adopted a dog we found in the streets of Austin for the night…..Never a dull moment on a product club trip!lol All in all it was a great weekend and a successful show for us.

Amco Texas show

This was my first time at the Amco show in texas. The venue was awesome, and texas was awesome! The booth activity was a little slow but lots of people stopping and learning at your demo stage in the booth which was great. Our classrooms went off amazing as well, seemed to be a lot of people coming back to the booth to ask more questions and wanting to learn more about who we are. We love that! All in all i think the show went off well and the demand for more eduction is there. Great time in Texas!!

Myrtle beach show

This was my first time at the myrtle beach show and i have to say for being a smaller show it was pretty awesome. This show was actually the first time i ever did a show on my own as well, which was cool. The booth did pretty well too at the show, we sold out of a bunch of products. It was really great to see that when classes were going on at the show that almost all the people were in them getting educated on new stuff. All in all i have to say the myrtle beach show was great and i hope it continues to grow!


Isse Long beach

Had an amazing time this past weekend in long beach with the team! The show went off great i think we did pretty well over all. The booth was hopping, demo stage was bringing in the crowd, and our classes went great! Myself, kevin, and devin had a great time out on the town as well the first two nights. Then because of weather back east about half the team got stuck in Long Beach for two more days….but we didnt mind too much with the great weather and all!

masello show

Had an awesome last weekend at the masello show! Working with gabriel and kevin was a lot of fun as well! The both was hopping and demo stage went great as well. We had a lot of requests for people trying to have us color their hair which was very strange compared to other shows….maybe this could be a cool idea for next year!? thoughts? We also had to deal with the president coming into town this time which made things interesting too. All in all great weekend of hair!

Premiere Orlando

This years Premiere Orlando show was great! Had a great time with all the team members. The first day was great we were jam packed at the booth and all of our class rooms went awesome as well. Demo stage in the booth went awesome too. This was the second show that i have got to do our new styling with foil on demo stage and again the response from everyone at the show was amazing. If you haven’t got to see our styling with foil yet, try to get out to our next large show and check it out, its a lot of fun and really simple. The second day was great as well, a little bit lighter on the turn out but still a great day in the booth and the class rooms. Most fun of the trip was our forward roll contest in the booth at the end of day one! (lol) Over all the weekend was great and can’t wait to get out there with the team again on the next one!