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Emiliani Show, NJ

Fun day in NJ, I still after all these years in the business am awed by the creativity of those in our industry. I look around and always find a little something to take back to the salon to keep my work fresh. I guess that is one of the reasons we keep seeing folks that have been in the industry for years, still attending shows. Along those lines, there was an enthusiastic response to the Product Club mobile foil assistant from seasoned professionals (and newbies). Who isn’t looking to work more efficiently and smarter? At a time when even are iPhones are working for us, why not have our very own “virtual” assistant “handing” us foils? Cheers. Till the next show..happy foiling.

CB Sullivan Show, Boston

Great turn out for the 2 day show, with lots of eager students on Monday (I love them, always so eager to learn).
True story: I was recently doing highlights at my salon,and I moved my mobile station and it went tumbling over–color,foils and all–horror!!!!
Product Club has just recently introduced a mobile color station. It is sturdy, roomy and comes with a mat to line the tray. I wish I had this tray at the salon a few weeks ago, I would have avoided my disaster.
The color station was a huge success at the show, and sold out on the first day.

This is what makes education so rewarding…

Talking color is what I love and what I do best (well, maybe one of.) But this weekend at the IBS show in New York City, the why I do this was really driven home. I was on stage, foiling, talking and having fun, when a cosmetology student approached me with a huge smile and said: “I just started foiling in school, it’s so hard, but I want to learn, because I love it.” It was at that point when I realized why this is so rewarding for me: I have the ability to make a difference in someones life. I just had to jump off the stage, put my mannequin head on the show floor and start teaching her some tricks. She is well on her way. Lisa, I wish you all the best, in what I know is going to be a very successful career for you.