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San Jose 2013

I always look forward to San Jose. The people who come there are always eager to learn and well rounded. I seem to learn from them every time I could there. They always share good information and are a fun group to talk with. I ran into a woman who was in my class last year and she sent me a client that had moved from San Francisco. I did her hair last week! What a great way to referral! Can’t wait until next year!

Las Vegas

What a fun weekend with Ruth and Kristina. We has a great and amazing people watching! The class room were awesome, all my groups were very interactive and shared good client situations. I shared with everyone about my “unicorn” blonde woman at the airport and I think we all saw her! Thanks for sharing a great show.

St Louis

St Louis
The show started with slammed booth and lots of great questions. This was my busiest show yet. We had a amazing team that pulled together to do the classes, booth and orders. 
I will come prepared for next year to bring new ideas and good information to the stylists . Everyone was eager to learn and had real issues for topic. Between the color assistant and Tech track we pretty much ran out of all our products. Easy pack up for this show.
I look forward to next year….

San Jose BGS April

San Jose BSG April 22
San Jose is a great place to have a show. I enjoy the people, the class and conversations. I had a class where there was so much good hair talk going on, and problem solving! Great questions and the whole room was participating in the discussion! Thanks for making it a enjoyable weekend.

Long Beach 2012

Great start to the New Year of Product Club shows! It was a great group of stylists. Everyone seemed very excited and into what Adrienne, Adam, Devin and I were sharing. Long Beach is a great place to go, good fashion, good weather.. and 1st ever Crunchy Pancakes! Not sure what that is all about, but they were still yummy! We had a smaller booth, but sold out of EVERYTHING! Clips, combs, the whole bit!
I’m really excited for San Jose and interested to see everyone.

Denver Peels Show

This was such a great time again this year! I love being in my home area, with so many great artists. It is fun to poke around about hair, fashion and and our challenges within the salon. Everyone asks great questions, it feels comfortable talking with them and sharing ideas. I can’t wait until next year/ Thanks for all the good input.

Birmingham Al

Well everyone was right…. The people at the show were very helpful, generous and kind. Kristen and Alyssa were amazing, and really great to work with. The foil assistant is going to be a BIG hit!! Watch out! See you in Denver
Oct 2nd

Grand Island NB

Another year in Grand Island, and I’d have to say it is such a nice group of people. I had to take the scenic route this time from Omaha, but it is a beautiful state. Rosemary at Peels is fantastic and her team working there is very attentive to the class and the students.
Our class had 13 students and one return from last year! That is always good when you see faces you know. They all were very good at the techniques and fast learners. I look forward to teaching there again.

San Jose Ca.. What a great weekend

Devin and Kristina Are such a fun team to work with. San Jose is a good convention, everyone there is very interested in learning new techniques, we will have to do a stage or classroom next year for sure! I also learned something new.. “Scene hair”, funky bright colored hair. I cant wait until next year! I hope to see you guys soon again.

Laurie Colorado

Mason city IA

Hi All,

Great class in Mason city! A lot of last minuters… The group was great,very interested and really adding their  experiences! I love when the peoples are interactive! This class offers a lot of information in a small amount of time