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Grand Island NE

Another great class in Nebraska.. This group is so fun! Even though it is different everytime, they are all so fun and eager to share. Rosemary is a rockstar! She is such a great asset to Peel’s . She is always so cheery and goes way out of her way to help with what you need.I really enjoy coming here, and love sharing our crazy, fun experiences.

Omaha NB

I taught a I foil class in Omaha yesterday and  it was a great class. There were 14 students from all over NB. They were a very sweet group.. Not sure how else to say that, but they were! It was a fun day, lots of questions and good input! And surprising enough I think we had the best Pizza Hut We ever ate! Not sure where that fits either, but we were all agreeing! Great easy fun trip. Thanks to all that attented.

Next blog … Grand Island NB.. that is if I can handle the small plane.YIKES! Its all good though.

Peels Show Denver Co

Yeah I finally got to do a show in my home area! It was the easiest commute yet! lol. It is always great to work with Alyssa, she is fun and great sense of humor. She handled all the chaos of the show, fool proof. As for me… well let’s just I can now run in 3″inch heels, Which is a big deal in my already tall and goofy world. We did 2 1hr seminars and a 2hr  hands on… all having 15mins between each!! Thankfully I had a fantastic team in Denver with the help of Jan and Erin. They were awesome. I hope I get the opportunity to work with these people again. See you all in December..

Toronto shoot

Im just going to catch up on all my great adventures this summer. I got the honor to go to Toronto Canada and do one of the 3 finalist DVDs for 2011. This was such a fantastic expereince, I got to work with our amazing Us and Canadian team. It is wild and fun and interesting how much goes into this production. The crew in Toronto was out of this world. So sweet and professional and fun as hell!
Lisa was a savior to organzine looking @ the models. Her and Ante were super, and really on it. The film and editing… well I cant even imagine how much time the team is putting into it.
Again I feel so privelegded to work with amazing people. Woo Hoo!

Austin Tx

Hey all,
What a great, hard working, fun, nerve racking weekend!
Austin first of all is a great place, amazing food, and lots of fun cowboy boots!
Mary and Ruth were awesome to work with, so easy and good to joke with. We were so lucky to have Mary’s friend Laurie ( great spelling) help out in booth. We sold out of DVD’s within half day and not much to pack up.
we had 2 90 min classes both days and I think people enjoyed the classes. Ruth got great reviews, she is a educated fun, great sense of humor (didnt realize that lil bit). My class was good, I got lots of questions and some intersting comments! Students were very intersted and down to earth.. great crowd.. love it cant wait to do more.. pics to come!

Orlando Premier

As always I love this weekend! Lots of work.. great people and always find a new love (product/ technique) I arrived and was greeted by lovely Kristina, Alyssa and Melissa. We headed to our usual resting spot near the convention center, with a scenic drive through the area. The show was great, so many different types of hairstylists. What a great craft to be in with so many creative, imaginative people. I will have to say my favorite product seller is the tech track.. such a no brainer to have! It is such a useful tool, all colorist can have a seamless system. I love the amazing talent with our team, Adam is always fun to watch with his styling techniques and our lovely Amanda got on stage and rocked it! The best part is when one of the students actually got on stage with her for at least 10 mins. There is a intense student. Devin is fun to watch, he is such a great demonstrator and holds crowd with his techniques and visuals. And of course the trip would not be full unless we did something silly… So at the end of the 1st day some of us ended with somersaults. What a fantastic weekend!