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Hair colorist at Lance Lappin salon in TriBeCa, NYC. Balayage expert with unflinching brush;Product Club educator,blogger & Wordpress User. HAIRCOLOR:DO IT LESS, AND DO IT BETTER

Hair color accessories and tools that make your hair salon stand out

Hair coloring accessories for professional hair colorists

Product Club educator Andra Vasilescu demonstrates the Ray Lights technique from Art of Highlighting DVDs collection. Hair colorist at Lance Lappin Salon

Hair color accessories for hair salons and hair colorists

Product Club sells accessories and tools for hair salons and hair colorists at the International Beauty Show 2011 at Javitz Center

Hair coloring tools for hair salons and hair colorists

Hair coloring accessories for hair salons and hair colorists. Favorite alternative to foils: Thermal Color Wraps. Perfect for color corrections and highlights. Non-slip and reusable

Alternative to regular highlighting foils

These thermal wraps are seriously underrated by hair salons. They are light, sturdy, non-slip and they fold so easily. Perfect for modern highlights

Popup foils for hair highlighting techniques

Clients love these foils because they fold neatly and are colorful. They trust our hair colorists instantly. We care about our work and we always use the best foils for highlights. We use the different colors to coordinate and remember our formulas

Psychedelic Frenzy

I stepped out of Grand Rapids terminal looking for a cab.  I was exhausted by my week but in the hairdressing world all hair conventions take place on our weekend, Sundays and Mondays.

Product Club sent a team to Grand Rapids Michigan for a trade show: me, Ruth Andolsen and Adrienne Rogers.  Kevin Palmquist was there too.  I was excited to see my friends, after all, these shows give us a chance to bond, connect and get inspired.  The cab ride was fast and and when I walked into the hotel’s lobby, I had no doubt I was among hairdressers. Every imaginable hairstyle and color you could dream of surrounded me.  It was a psychedelic frenzy.  My room and roommate, Ruthy were perfecto!

The next two days were filled with high energy and inspiration.  It was great to watch Adrienne in class, I think I learned a trick or two.  Our booth was swamped and sold out almost everything. The hottest items were our DVD collection and the tech track system.  As tiring as it was, the energy and enthusiasm towards Product Club kept me going and engaged. Ruth, I wouldn’t have made it without you!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone and learning at our annual training in December.  Cheers!