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Last week was the IBS show in NYC. I love this show and really enjoy seeing my team and all my friends from the city. I had amazing turnout in my classes and did my best to help them hear me. They were wildly understanding with the circumstances we taught in. This year we were in a large hall with curtains around each classroom and it was tough to hear and be heard! I am so grateful everyone toughed it out and helped us have one of our best crowds ever! I love to see those of you that come year after year. It makes me so happy to build our relationships and hash out ideas together. If you ever think of anything you’d like to focus on I’d love to hear it. Post it on our Facebook page and I’ll do my best to address it. Best to you all!


Premier Orlando was great this year. Being with the team and hustling from class to class is all part of the fun.  Building the Product Club community is such a joy.  My models Sherye and Alex were awesome and I was happy to make them even more lovely!  There are so many people who come year after year and I can honestly say it is a pleasure to see these familiar faces in the audience.  We work so hard to give you information and to build your library of techniques. Keep your eye out for the free technique portfolio download on the website and for further tips about how to use it!

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State St. Louis

What a great show we had in St. Louis! We were so busy in the booth with a demo stage with seating. It’s a real benefit for people to swing by the booth and sit down for a while. We have so much information to share and it’s amazing to have so many venues to share it in. In addition to the booth with seating we had four classrooms that Laurie Edwards and I taught. One of the best things about Product Club is being able to work with our team. Kristen, Kevin, Laurie and I were firing on all cylinders all weekend. Offering variations on all of our techniques and evolving them to suit different needs is my goal for each show. Can’t wait till next year!


Teaching Chevron Panels

This past weekend was the IBS show in NYC.  I love doing this show and every year I look forward to it.  I debuted some new techniques that are variations on techniques from all of our previous DVD collections.  I worked with both Beyond Basic Foiling and The Art of Highlighting collections to come up with my content.  One of our favorite things at Product Club is the fact that our techniques can be changed up so easily.  It creates a truly diverse repertoire if you’re open to mixing it up.

As usual the New York crowd was very welcoming to me and asked really great questions.  It’s hilarious to see as the years go by how many people record the classes with their phones and their iPads.  What did we do without all the technology?

I was Über excited about the content I was speaking about, and as usual embarrassed myself with my manic enthusiasm.  I actually feel very lucky to be as excited about what I do – I wonder if other fields get this juiced about their jobs?  (not likely huh!)

Well thanks again to the team for all their support.  The Product Club team and also a shout out to my gang at Hush Salon Philadelphia.  I had a lot of help from them getting everything done and am super grateful.

Grand Rapids!

This past weekend I was in Grand Rapids with the team.  I love this show because it is run so well by Darcy at Salon Centrics.  The hairdressers that come to this show are an interested, excited bunch and they make putting on a class fun and stimulating.  I had so many smart questions and I loved the back and forth in the classrooms.  I pushed myself for this crew and came up with some new variations on the I Foil in Color DVDs.  We always tell people to make the techniques their own so I worked at doing a new batch of variations and it was so rewarding to share them.


Mary, Melissa and I made it to the Wig Party that they threw.  I always make it a point to attend this party – it may be the best one of the year!  Thanks GR… see you next year! Continue reading

Oh Oh Orlando

What a way to end my season! We had the best time in Orlando – while working very very hard! The hardest part is preparing for these shows. I had a hands on class on Saturday, a classroom on Sunday, an onsite demo with Modern Salon Magazine and two classes on Monday. The people of Orlando were warm and embraced everything we had to offer. The whole event went so smoothly thanks to our whole team. It’s so rewarding to have a successful show. I can’t see what the next season has to offer and what I in turn have to learn!

Color America in the company of Patrick McIvor

I had an amazing weekend in NYC. I participated in Color America with Patrick McIvor, Rodney Cutler, David Adams and a bevy of other awesome people helping to make it happen. It was a great format and I was honored to be a part of it. I’ve left with an intense desire to forge on taking lots of design chances. I am so proud that I was able to represent Product Club and to continue to let people see what we have to offer. Patrick and his team were really on top of the day and it ran smoothly.  David Adams blew my mind with his amazing talent and incredibly genuine personality.  Check out his site Red Chocolate – you’re going to like it!   Rodney and Kelsey did beautiful haircuts and runway hair. Made me want to pick up my cutting tools… Gearing up for Orlando. Can’t wait to be with our team.

Council Bluffs

Last weekend I was with the folks at Peels in Council Bluffs Iowa. It’s so nice to work with an organized group. They really know what they’re doing and this show went off without a hitch! I taught two classes a day to fabulous students who were really interested in learning. Teaching the new techniques from our new series “The Art of Highlighting” has been a pleasure and I too am invigorated by the new ideas our team has created. It’s hard to stay motivated in the salon on a day to day basis. What we do is difficult and to share struggles with a room full of stylists that share my same struggles is a gift.
On Saturday night I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in the “Peel’s Picks” award ceremony. I presented the “Best Shampoo” category. Pureology’s Hydrate shampoo was the big winner! What a fun event. I was able to hob nob with other educators who I’ve met but never spent any time with. It’s funny, we all run around these shows and meet each other – but never see one another’s classes. I loved presenting with Brendan Holland from Infrashine.
Thanks to Melissa Goepfort for all of her hard work! And Lindsey and Jan of the Peels team. Can’t wait until next year!

IBS – It just keeps getting better

caffeine in motionI taught 4 classes this past IBS and I have to say that each year this show feels more and more invigorating.  The people who attend the class are hungry to learn and laugh.  I focused on Laurie Edwards DVD from The Art of Highlighting.  Taking her ideas and twisting them a bit to make them my own.  This is what we encourage all of our students to do with our ideas – so it was nice to practice what I preach this time around.  Another standout was Ruth Andolsen’s Raylight technique.  I love that one.  I scored not one but two beautiful models who had never colored their hair… it was a miracle!  Although this never/rarely happens in real life I was overjoyed to see the techniques in their purest form.  Other than the insane rain storm that overtook NYC on Sunday the whole weekend was just about perfect.  Thanks to everyone on the team.  I’m so so so proud to be a part of it!