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Too much time on my hands – not.

I don’t know how it happened, but this morning my first client took me forever! I was flat lighting and I think the fact that I love her influenced the amount of foils in her hair. Way too many. I changed the foil color when I upped the volume of her developer in her lightener and we laughed that she looked like a strawberry. So even though I was already late and my next (also awesome) client was here I went all out and made her the delicious berry that she is. Ridiculous but fun! Happy summer…

Premier Orlando

I foil in Color “unplugged” was what I called my class in Orlando. I tried to focus on the real world situations in the salon and talk about techniques I use and ways to use them for problem solving in real life salon situations. It’s kind of funny how hard this was.
Most of the time when I’m working at a hair show I really look for the ideal model to showcase an idea or technique that I’m featuring. It’s easy when everything’s “just so” but as we all know it’s a rare occasion at the salon when all of the planets align and we are able to do something perfectly. People’s hair history, condition, and expectations all come into play.
It’s with this in mind (and a healthy dose of MTV Unplugged nostalgia) that I moved forward with this idea. I think a good deal of the audience appreciates the reality that the Product Club team puts forward. And even though it’s harder, and not nearly as sexy, I think I’m really going to focus on this for the coming year. Blond addicts, color history nightmares, neurotic damaged clients… bring it on! I’m ready – and hopefully with our help so are you!