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As usual, I had a great time in Texas at the AMCO Austin show.  I’m always excited to see familiar faces and share new techniques with this always eager crowd.  We added an extra class time this year which was a success.  The Art of Highlighting DVD’s sold out  and continue to be a great resource for motivated colorist all over the country.  See you all next year and I can’t wait to hear how everyone adapted the techniques they learned into their own everyday color work.

San Antonio

This was my third year at the Annual World’s Fair of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences, hosted by Armstrong McCall. I love this show because attendees are always so eager to learn. I was happy to hear from many returnees that they loved last years classes and couldn’t wait to get back to work and try this year’s featured techniques, Raylighting and Crescent Paneling.
Adam, Rachel, Christina, and the most amazing volunteer Al were great to work with. I hope to see you next year Texas.

Sweet Success

I recently had the pleasure of teaching a class at the Sugar House Day Spa & Salon in Alexandria, VA. What a beautiful town, salon and staff! I met one of the owners Robert Steidi at the Twin State show in Hampton VA.  Robert’s commitment to educating his staff along side his artistic director Luis Bujia is inspiring.  I demoed for three hours and the staff refused a break!  It was a wonderful exchange of information and ideas and we all ended the day inspired.  Thank You so much for the opportunity Sugar House!!!!


Marshall Evolution Show, MN

Stylist were fascinated with Product Club’s thermal wraps at the Marshall Evolution Show in Minnesota last weekend.  Once I explained to them that the wraps were great for issues with slippage, they couldn’t resist buying them. Although the booth wasn’t set up for demoing I occasionally busted out a mannequin head to quickly show the various ways I enjoy using them, including of corse my new Ray Lighting Technique.  I felt the way Laurie (see her post about San Jose)  felt in San Jose, that Product Club should have some space at this show next year to share our valuable highlighting knowledge.  I really do believe that no other company teaches highlighting in such a practical and easy to apply way.

As always, it was great meeting and talking to the various stylist and a HUGE thank you to all the Marshall’s employees (TOM AND RICH) for their help  and expertise.


I Get Around

In the last five weeks I’ve worked a variety of jobs for Product Club in a real range of places. I feel so fortunate and am learning so much about our industry.

My four work weekend stint began in OC,MD. The company rented me a car and I enjoyed a beautiful ride down.  (As an aside, I heart Cameron at the Enterprise on Front street in Philadelphia.  I’m learning that when you travel, people who don’t hate their lives and give good customer service, can really set the tone for your trip.)  When I got to Ocean City, I was suddenly surrounded by bikers . . .because there was a biker convention in town. Sweet!  Hairdressers plus bikers equaled awesome people watching.  The OC show was sponsored  by Columbia Beauty supply and I manned a modest size table with everyones favorite Product Club goodies.  The Great Grip Mat was, and has been at all the shows I’ve worked, a popular item.  Customers were also excited about our new Paper Wraps.  I came, I sold, piece of (crab)cake.

Next on the tour was Austin, Texas.  I had the pleasure of working with Laurie Edwards and Mary Albanese.  Laurie and I both presented for 90 minutes on Beyond Basic Foiling techniques and switched on and off on the booth demo stage.  Neither Laurie nor I had ever presented in this format before and from the all the positive feedback and DVD sales (we sold out on the first day!), I think we did a pretty gosh darn good job.  Texans don’t mess when it comes to learning and I hope I get to do this show again and again.  Laurie, thanks for being so generous with your computer when mine failed me.  And Mary, thanks for sharing Austin with us.

Product Club is expanding its customer base and so next, I found myself in Calgary Canada.  This job was a little, well a lot different from most shows I’ve worked for the company.  I had to ensure the booth was built, stocked and ready for show time and then break everything down and make sure everything was shipped off to the next show.  I was ready for the responsibility but I didn’t really understand what that meant until the show was over.  If you’ve read Lisa’s blog entry you already know that had some issues with flights and such.(Lisa, thank you so much.  Kudos to your Ode skills.  You are indeed my favorite Canadian, and really made the trip so much more enjoyable.)  After talking with Eric, the owner of Product Club, I learned that this is what happens.  Nothing ever goes according to the plan.  Shout out to Kristina, our Education and Show Manager. She spent two hours of her Friday night on the phone with Expedia trying to get me to Calgary after my flight was delayed so much that I missed my connecting flight.   So much work goes on behind the scenes to insure that these shows are a success and we all “know” that but now I REALLY understand.  Thanks to Kristina, Matt, Kevin, Alyssa, Mary and Eric for making it seems so easy.  

Last weekend I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Maly’s show.  The Maly’s team really deserves recognition for how well they put on a show.  Education is a priority as is evident in the way they schedule class times.  Adrienne taught two 90 minute classes each day and got rave reviews about her  “real” and “down to earth” lecture style.  Students came flooding into the booth after class times wanting the Teck Track and DVDs and we sold out of both by the shows end.  Andra was the best roommate and I enjoyed laughing with her all weekend long.  Kevin, always up for a good time, talked us all into going to the annual Malys party.  There was an incredible 80’s cover band that made going so worth it.  After all this travel, I was a little crabby and Andra and Adrienne pulled me out of it.  Its been a long month or so but I’ve loved every opportunity and I’m lucky to get to work with the best people.