Armstrong McCall World’s Fair Show with Ruth Andolsen

Sunday – Monday, August 26-27 – Armstrong McCall World’s Fair Show – Austin, TX – Nicole Lynne & Ruth Andolsen will be teaching The Art of Highlighting – 3 classes per day. For more info and time schedules visit

     Meet Ruth AndolsenRuth specializes in color at Adrienne Roger’s highly regarded salon, Hush       Salon in Philadelphia. She received Best Colorist in 2010 from Philadelphia Weekly. Ruth has participated in New York Fashion Week for several seasons and is always on top of current trends via her obsession with fashion blogs and high end fashion magazines. Ruth teaches practical salon friendly techniques that both beginner and advanced colorists can implement in their daily work. She is an approachable, down to earth educator who believes everyone can achieve celebrity worthy hair color.
What is your favorite Product Club tool? My Favorite Product Club tool is the Color Whip.  I highlight all day long and the color whip makes the consistency of my lightener perfect!


What Product Club Techniques will you use most for Fall 2012? For the fall, ombre is still very popular and my favorite way to create this look in a rich way is with Laurie’s technique Skylighting.  I’ve been using this technique all year with great results, even with clients who have grey because you apply the single process first and then go in and then highlight.  For clients who have tried ombre and wants something new, I’m glazing their preexisting highlights to create less contrast and lightness and more tone on tone variation like Leighton Meester

What do you think will be hot in haircolor for Fall 2012?
Clients always want to go darker in the fall but I predict that red will be they way they choose to do so.  Ashley Green is a huge red hair muse for me as is fashion model Lydia Hearst. I give my red headed clients rich natural dimension by using my Raylighting techinique all around the hair line front and back.  I process that to my desired level of lift shampoo, dry and then apply a red glaze under heat for 20 minutes and then let it cool for 10.




What can we expect to learn in your class this weekend? I will be talking about how understanding ombre techniques can help with corrective color and will be using the raylighting for reds technique as well.

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