IBS – It just keeps getting better

caffeine in motionI taught 4 classes this past IBS and I have to say that each year this show feels more and more invigorating.  The people who attend the class are hungry to learn and laugh.  I focused on Laurie Edwards DVD from The Art of Highlighting.  Taking her ideas and twisting them a bit to make them my own.  This is what we encourage all of our students to do with our ideas – so it was nice to practice what I preach this time around.  Another standout was Ruth Andolsen’s Raylight technique.  I love that one.  I scored not one but two beautiful models who had never colored their hair… it was a miracle!  Although this never/rarely happens in real life I was overjoyed to see the techniques in their purest form.  Other than the insane rain storm that overtook NYC on Sunday the whole weekend was just about perfect.  Thanks to everyone on the team.  I’m so so so proud to be a part of it!

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