Marshall Evolution Show, MN

Stylist were fascinated with Product Club’s thermal wraps at the Marshall Evolution Show in Minnesota last weekend.  Once I explained to them that the wraps were great for issues with slippage, they couldn’t resist buying them. Although the booth wasn’t set up for demoing I occasionally busted out a mannequin head to quickly show the various ways I enjoy using them, including of corse my new Ray Lighting Technique.  I felt the way Laurie (see her post about San Jose)  felt in San Jose, that Product Club should have some space at this show next year to share our valuable highlighting knowledge.  I really do believe that no other company teaches highlighting in such a practical and easy to apply way.

As always, it was great meeting and talking to the various stylist and a HUGE thank you to all the Marshall’s employees (TOM AND RICH) for their help  and expertise.


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