Premiere Orlando

Product Club turned up the heat at Premiere!  This show was super fun and education-filled!

We had both hands-on and demonstration classes, and of course we were rocking out the foil techniques in our booth.  Everyone got Product Club tattoos this weekend (temporary…) to celebrate our fun new tattoo foil. Making color more colorful, indeed!…

The new set of DVDs, The Art of Highlighting, were flying off the shelves! If you didn’t pick them up at the show, definitely go to our site and purchase the set… they will open your eyes and mind to a new generation of color techniques, and help keep work fun!

I also want to celebrate that the demonstration stage in the booth is no longer scary for me.. this show proved to me how much we can really spread the knowledge and how important it is to share ideas with those eager to learn. Yay!

I’ve included a couple of pictures behind the scenes… the mannequins that took over Rachel and my bathroom, and exactly how many Product Club employees can fit in one Ford Taurus (the answer is six!).

Til next time, happy coloring!

Amanda Lenz

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