Sweet home Alabama!

Birmingham, Alabama is full of such kind people! I really enjoyed my time working the Product Club booth. It’s always interesting to see what people want to buy and wanting to learn in different areas of the country. Alabama and I were lucky enough to experience the new Foil Assistant. Um, yeah baby this thing is awesome! I was foiling the lovely Debra, and all I had to do was push down the lever and POP there was my precut foil. It was shiny, smooth, and leopard print just the way I like it!


I have to say I learned a lot from our educator Lori on this trip. She explained to her classes that the ombre effect in pink, yes pink, is very popular in Colorado right now. I had not heard of this trend yet living in St. Louis. Sure enough, I opened this month’s issue of In Style magazine and there it was, Lauren Conrad with pastel ends. It’s completely awesome to hear it from our team first! –Kristen Linares

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