Ocean City Adventure

Last weekend was Bike Week in Ocean City, MD… but more importantly, it was also a weekend of fun & education at Salon Centric’s Beauty Show.

Saturday & Sunday brought enough rain to drown an alligator, but I didn’t mind because I was living it up at the Product Club booth.  I had great neighbors in Sam Villa’s team and we sold a lot of great Product Club tools over the 3 days of the show.  And the plus side was that Monday brought beautiful weather, check below for some pictures, as the show was held at a convention center on the bay (lucky us! :))

The silver pop-up foils and black nitrile gloves were most certainly the stars of the Product Club booth, both are great professional tools.  If you don’t have them, I highly suggest trying them out (and the best part is that the pop-up foils come in fuschia & chartruese- yay color!!).

As always, I had a great time working for Product Club.  I even got to go to my very first biker bar while is OCMD… always an adventure!!

Until next time,
Amanda Lenz

Rainy Days

My Little Buddy


Guest appearance by Melissa J!


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