Grand Rapids!

This past weekend I was in Grand Rapids with the team.  I love this show because it is run so well by Darcy at Salon Centrics.  The hairdressers that come to this show are an interested, excited bunch and they make putting on a class fun and stimulating.  I had so many smart questions and I loved the back and forth in the classrooms.  I pushed myself for this crew and came up with some new variations on the I Foil in Color DVDs.  We always tell people to make the techniques their own so I worked at doing a new batch of variations and it was so rewarding to share them.


Mary, Melissa and I made it to the Wig Party that they threw.  I always make it a point to attend this party – it may be the best one of the year!  Thanks GR… see you next year!Mary and I going to the wig (crown) party!

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