Illinois: The State of Fun Hair Shows & Delicious Popcorn

Hello all!

The weekend before Easter I was in Lombard, Illinois at The Westin Lombard for the Expression 2012 Show.

I was working for Product Club with Melissa Johnson, and we always have a wonderful time together… but more importantly, we were sharing the awesome-ness of Product Club with everyone we could.

Melissa taught 4 classes in two days on new technique variations from our latest DVD’s, The Art of Highlighting… I manned the booth helping people find their favorite Product Club tools and many of our newest ones, too!

Thermal Wraps, Great Grips Clips, Foil Boards and Foil Assistants were the hot items in Illinois, and rightfully so.  Every stylist should have these tools to keep work professional and exciting!

Rich Mucha was stuck dealing with Melissa & I when we got silly at the end of the days, but that man has a great respect and care for our industry.  Rich has a passion for the integrity of our industry, and for that, I want to give Rich a big thank you.

After a fun & educational weekend, Melissa & I got to try Garrett’s Popcorn… I highly recommend it, if you have the willpower to resist eating the whole bag…

Thanks again for a great weekend, Product Club!

Amanda Lenz

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