Product Club in Lombard, IL

Melissa Johnson had an awesome time in Lombard, IL at Salon Centric Expressions Show, Amanda and myself had a great time. I had great classes, with amazing students so excited about learning new techniques. In 75 minutes, We shared 5 great new techniques that are awesome add on services, ALL inspired by the Art of Highlighting DVD series. Check out our Facebook page to see some awesome hair done by our students immediately after the show. There were some visitors new to the “hair world” a cool cat named “WatchCat” came to the show with his hairpeople and even came on stage with me to get a closer look and a new perspective. He is on my facebook page tagged in a picture with me. I had a great time introducing our newest member the Product Club team, Maggie. She was a great model and loved her new Moonlighting technique, which is a variation of Switchback sets from Laurie. We also had a great time with Rich who helped us sell out of alot of Product Club Accessories at the booth. I am super excited to be sharing ideas at IBS coming up this weekend and Last weekend spent Sunday at TruBeauty HOPE for beauty, using Product Club tools to share ‘The art of blonding” with 25 stylists!
Stop by IBS in NYC to see us!

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