Teaching Chevron Panels

This past weekend was the IBS show in NYC.  I love doing this show and every year I look forward to it.  I debuted some new techniques that are variations on techniques from all of our previous DVD collections.  I worked with both Beyond Basic Foiling and The Art of Highlighting collections to come up with my content.  One of our favorite things at Product Club is the fact that our techniques can be changed up so easily.  It creates a truly diverse repertoire if you’re open to mixing it up.

As usual the New York crowd was very welcoming to me and asked really great questions.  It’s hilarious to see as the years go by how many people record the classes with their phones and their iPads.  What did we do without all the technology?

I was Über excited about the content I was speaking about, and as usual embarrassed myself with my manic enthusiasm.  I actually feel very lucky to be as excited about what I do – I wonder if other fields get this juiced about their jobs?  (not likely huh!)

Well thanks again to the team for all their support.  The Product Club team and also a shout out to my gang at Hush Salon Philadelphia.  I had a lot of help from them getting everything done and am super grateful.

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