Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando, Florida

We had a great weekend in Florida… Product Club was selling out of our Station Mats & Color Stations, Color Whips & Scales, Thermal Wraps & Foils.  Adrienne and Melissa taught some fantastic highlighting classes and we had great feedback from the attendees.

Devin, Adam, Ruth, & I had a fun time demonstrating different techniques off of our new DVD set, The Art of Highlighting.  If you loved Beyond Basic Foiling, these are the next step for you to advance your highlighting skills and get inspired!

See ya in Orlando next year!
Amanda Lenz

Las Vegas

What a fun weekend with Ruth and Kristina. We has a great and amazing people watching! The class room were awesome, all my groups were very interactive and shared good client situations. I shared with everyone about my “unicorn” blonde woman at the airport and I think we all saw her! Thanks for sharing a great show.


Premier Orlando was great this year. Being with the team and hustling from class to class is all part of the fun.  Building the Product Club community is such a joy.  My models Sherye and Alex were awesome and I was happy to make them even more lovely!  There are so many people who come year after year and I can honestly say it is a pleasure to see these familiar faces in the audience.  We work so hard to give you information and to build your library of techniques. Keep your eye out for the free technique portfolio download on the website and for further tips about how to use it!

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Orlando Premiere 2012 with Melissa Johnson

No need to wonder what your going to see at Orlando Premiere this year. We have a sneak preview of Melissa Johnson’s classes!
Melissa’s passion for the industry and eagerness to share knowledge with fellow salon professionals shows in the classes she facilitates. Constantly striving to grow her own learning experiences and raise the bar of the professional salon community, Melissa prides herself on working with stylists in new and innovative ways.
We asked Melissa…
What will you be teachining in Orlando this year?
MJ: I will be sharing about 5 different techniques in the demo class and in the hands on class doing a different variation of crescent panels that addresses a guest with a fringe, raylighting, and moonlighting.  Moonlighting is a technique that is inspired from switchback sets, it is a great technique for dealing with long hair and a fresh way to get an ombre feel.
As I am super excited about all of these techniques because they are all real-salon techs for real salon guests!
What’s your favorite product club tool?
MJ: Really do I only get one?  The great grips whisk.  I love mixing my color with it, it makes the color creamy and evenly mixed, plus my brushes never get “squidshy”
I am also crazy about the Jaws clips.  I only need one to hold up even massive amounts of hair!
What’s your favorite technique for Summer 2012 hair color?
MJ: The technique I am using alot this summer is both mini panels and moonlighting- Both are great ways to get an impact without 300 foils and are easy for guests to maintain!

Orlando Premiere 2012 with Adrienne Rogers

Orlando Premiere is one of the largest beauty shows in the country. Stylist are eager to learn and excited to go shopping for the latest and greatest. Our educators look forward to sharing their techniques that they use behind the chair! Come see us in Booth: 4779 June 2-4th 2012

Meet Adrienne Rogers, owner of Hush salon in Philadelphia, PA. Adrienne is inspiring and a breath of fresh air when it comes to hair color education!

What Product Club techniques do use use most often?
AR:  I’ve been blending the techniques lately.  The pinwheel has been altered quite a bit and has a more blended panel feeling.  Also ray lighting  has been so useful to me and I change it up almost every day.  I change things out all the time or I start to go nuts.  Ask me in the fall and maybe I’ll have a better idea of what I did this summer!
What is your favorite product club tool?
AR: This is a tough one for me and after a lot of thought I’ve decided that it’s the lucite foil dispenser.  Everyone in my salon has one on their   color tray.  The former New Yorker in me respects the space planning aspect of the dispenser.  Foils don’t fly around, I have everything at my fingertips.  Underneath the pop up foils I put shorter foils for short hair so that they’re always ready to use – and my glass protectors and foil boards are always there when I need them.
Wondering what you’ll see in Adrienne’s class? Here is a sneak peek…
The Chevron Panel slide features a picture that inspired me to create the technique.  Art is a great way to be inspired with hair color.  I then thought about the design building blocks and interpreted the painting into a hair color technique.  Yes, you can say it.  I’m a total dork.This class I’m focusing on how I adapt the ideas on the DVDs.  I’m really looking to help people do this for themselves.  Thinking about the Design building blocks of what I’m doing is one of the ways I look at altering or reinterpreting techniques.  Each situation and client is different and considering these variables has been very helpful to me.
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State St. Louis

What a great show we had in St. Louis! We were so busy in the booth with a demo stage with seating. It’s a real benefit for people to swing by the booth and sit down for a while. We have so much information to share and it’s amazing to have so many venues to share it in. In addition to the booth with seating we had four classrooms that Laurie Edwards and I taught. One of the best things about Product Club is being able to work with our team. Kristen, Kevin, Laurie and I were firing on all cylinders all weekend. Offering variations on all of our techniques and evolving them to suit different needs is my goal for each show. Can’t wait till next year!

St Louis

St Louis
The show started with slammed booth and lots of great questions. This was my busiest show yet. We had a amazing team that pulled together to do the classes, booth and orders. 
I will come prepared for next year to bring new ideas and good information to the stylists . Everyone was eager to learn and had real issues for topic. Between the color assistant and Tech track we pretty much ran out of all our products. Easy pack up for this show.
I look forward to next year….

San Jose BGS April

San Jose BSG April 22
San Jose is a great place to have a show. I enjoy the people, the class and conversations. I had a class where there was so much good hair talk going on, and problem solving! Great questions and the whole room was participating in the discussion! Thanks for making it a enjoyable weekend.

Discover Show STL


Kristen Linares

PC Educator St. Louis


       This weekend was a great learning experience. As always I had a great time with the Product Club education team! Kevin did a great job setting up the booth and motivating us! Adrienne and Laurie really helped me understand what it means to be a color educator. They are both amazing and have so much wisdom to share. I am inspired not only by their hair color abilities but also by their ability to balance their career     while also being a great mothers. I hope to have a fraction of their talent and patience as I advance in my career.

This show was insanely packed with stylist eager to learn and inspired to stock up on their professional tools. We were a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, however very excited that so many people were stocking up on our educational DVDs and tools. The Foil Assistant flew off the shelves.http://productclub.com/whats_new/product-club-foil-assistant I wish I had a picture of some of the astonished faces I seen! I think the Assistant is one of the greatest tools we have. It’s going to be one of those things in the future that we look back and say, “How the h*%! did I ever work without this?!”

Our classes were packed…and so was our booth….      Goodtimes <3



State Beauty Supply put together a great show! Thanks!