This year’s International Beauty Show in NYC was a great time, as expected!

The demo booth for Product Club was a hit with Gabriel, Shawn, and myself rotating the demo stage with our adaptations of techniques from the Art of Highlighting DVD’s.  Mary, Alyssa, Eric, and Kevin kept us going in the booth, too!

Melissa Johnson and Adrienne Rogers, two of the best artists in our industry, brought relatable and fashion forward techniques to the eager minds at IBS 2012.

Of course, NYC itself was a great place to stay and I’m looking forward to next year’s show!
Amanda Lenz

Kristen Linares DISCOVER SHOW 2012 ST. LOUIS MAY 6th and 7th

A natural born artist and girly girl who loves the beauty industry. She is a 3rd generation hair & makeup artist from Tampa Bay who strives to perfect images, inform the misunderstood, and teach all a thing or two about their beauty regimen. She is becoming one of YouTube’s most popular beauty Vloggers! You can find a new tutorial from Kristen every Friday!

 As the owner of Thirteenth and Washington, located in St. Louis, MO Kristen has created an upscale environment to accommodate editorial stylist, photographers, and educational events. Teaching is one of her greatest passions and she has a very natural way of empowering her students to feel confident in their technique. Having been exposed to the world of high fashion helped develop her taste for classic looks to Avant garde. New York Fashion week has been one of Kristen’s greatest experiences as an artist. “There’s certain energy when you are a creative person in New York. It’s as if you know you’re going to be a person who will accomplish great things for having been there!”” she says.

 Kristen wants to help other artist understand how simple it is to become a visionary and see color in the same way she can. Product Club has been such a great way for her to share her ambition and knowledge.

                                   www.KristenLinares.com www.ThirteenthandWashington.com


DISCOVER SHOW 2012 – ST. LOUIS – MAY 6th and 7th

      The America’s Center St. Louis,MO
701 Convention Plaza

St Louis,MO

      Sunday, May 6th ’12
8:30 AM- 6:00 PM
What’s in for Spring/Summer 2012?
I’ve been loving the Ombre, however I feel there has been less contrast between the base and ends. There’s a bit of sparkle connecting the bright bold ends with the rich base. I love using Product Club’s switchback set technique to create soft connection that doesn’t over power the look. Spring/ Summer 2012 is all about healthy, shiney, & soft-yet bright color.
Who/What inspires you?
I am inspired by music videos, movies, and TV. The world is such a real place and all too serious at times. I love to kick back and let fantasy inspire me to create whimsical haircolor that is wearable & unique. Also, I am inspired by the hair itself. I like to work with the hair not against it. I love when deep rich color has faded off the ends from a summer of sun and creates a soft Ombre. It makes it easy to maintain the health of the hair while adding in some sets of color.

Laurie Edwards St.Louis Discover Show May 6-7 2012

  Laurie Edwards 

  Laurie has been in the beauty industry for 13+ years. Over the last decade, Laurie has developed her career with Cutler Salon in NYC and currently holds the position of Color Director of Education. Laurie is responsible for growing a strong education team within the Soho salon. She coaches and educates Cutler colorists while continuing to build her own clientele. She teaches Cutler color seminars to stylists nationwide and also teaches for Product Club. Her passion for creating beautiful color is the core of her success with students and clients.

Laurie has been featured in Allure magazine for 2007 “ Rising Star in New York”, Allure Guide to Gorgeous Hair and Allure Spa Directory New York City. She was also interviewed for Oprah Magazine and worked on television show “So You Want To Be a Super Model” makeover episode.

DISCOVER SHOW 2012 – ST. LOUIS – MAY 6th and 7th

      The America’s Center St. Louis,MO
701 Convention Plaza

St Louis,MO

      Sunday, May 6th ’12
8:30 AM- 6:00 PM
What will you be teaching in your class?
The class is featuring techniques and tools inspired from The Art of Highlighting collection, and  my experiences with my everyday client. Ombre coloring technique called Skylighting, which adds depth back into hair color will be a focus for us. Enhancing and richening  the “natural” color to previously highlighted hair is who this concept gravitates  to. We also will be addressing clients that want multi colors within their hair style, and the how and why of placements. I have been focusing on working off a plethora of diagonals partings within a head shape. This has created really nice movement  throughout the shape. I wanted to add tools to doing color on short hair as well as long. I spend time on how we can stay inspired, how we find and create this for ourselves and other Artist. Where do you look, what are the resources you use to keep that inspirational eye moving and keep your clients loving what your creating. I feel hair is a soft, moveable canvas and incorporating some interest in what we are doing is huge now and always. We as Artists are looking to create hair that looks healthy, beautiful and yet sets us apart from the average stylist.
What’s in for Spring/Summer 2012?
Hair color is moving in all directions, but shiny healthy hair  is what our clients want. The heavy bang is really fun, along with utilizing natural curl and movement  in the hair. I’m loving the intense Ombre color, and also adding in soft subtle highlights to this look. These extremes are taking the simple highlight to the next level.
Who inspires you?
I find that I’m inspired by classic looks like Alexander Wang, Micheal Kors, yet  mostly by independent clothing designers in our own areas. These Artists have the new styles with a lot of personal detail and hard work that I appreciate!


Teaching Chevron Panels

This past weekend was the IBS show in NYC.  I love doing this show and every year I look forward to it.  I debuted some new techniques that are variations on techniques from all of our previous DVD collections.  I worked with both Beyond Basic Foiling and The Art of Highlighting collections to come up with my content.  One of our favorite things at Product Club is the fact that our techniques can be changed up so easily.  It creates a truly diverse repertoire if you’re open to mixing it up.

As usual the New York crowd was very welcoming to me and asked really great questions.  It’s hilarious to see as the years go by how many people record the classes with their phones and their iPads.  What did we do without all the technology?

I was Über excited about the content I was speaking about, and as usual embarrassed myself with my manic enthusiasm.  I actually feel very lucky to be as excited about what I do – I wonder if other fields get this juiced about their jobs?  (not likely huh!)

Well thanks again to the team for all their support.  The Product Club team and also a shout out to my gang at Hush Salon Philadelphia.  I had a lot of help from them getting everything done and am super grateful.

Melissa Johnson IBS New York April 22-24th 2012

  Melissa Johnson 

  Melissa’s passion for the industry and eagerness to share knowledge with fellow salon professionals shows in the classes she facilitates. Constantly striving to grow her own learning experiences and raise the bar of the professional salon community, Melissa prides herself on working with stylists in new and innovative ways. Having worked backstage at New York Fashion week with designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Thuy and others, she brings fashion fresh off the runway to your salon.  Melissa facilitates fun, fashion forward techniques in an salon friendly way that will help you grow your business and work.  As an American Board Certified Haircolorist and Redken Certified Haircolorist, and a Redken Certified Designer, she loves creating programs in design and color to fit all ranges of stylists. http://productclub.com/education/artists/melissa_johnson

What will you be teaching in your class? www.ibsnewyork.com IBS New York April 22-24th 2012

I will be teaching up to 5 great add on color techniques all based off the Art of Highlighting DVDs. Mini-panels-based off of crescent panels volume 3, New “moonlighting” technique based off of a combination of Switchback sets and Raylights from volumes 2 and 3, and a variation of Reversible herringbone for short hair, with a fringe secret twist, called Fringe Flash. All of the techniques are creative thinking and can be intermixed in many ways. We will also be sharing ideas on how to inspire your own creativity.

 What’s in for Spring/Summer 2012?

Soft colors, newer variations on the Ombre’ techniques. Strawberry and Copper Blondes are a beautiful twist on blondes. Of course bright blondes are always a summer favorite.

Who inspires you?

I have been finding inspiration in so many places, most recently I was super inspired by Teresa Mockler and Brent Borreson from Redken. They shared some amazing insight on how to find inspiration anywhere. I went the the Metropolitan Museum of Art and found some cool ideas that were actually got me thinking out of the box and ended up creating the techniques we will be doing in the classes at IBS.


“Keep Austin Weird”

Austin, TX has a saying: “Keep Austin Weird”… I think weird was wonderful.

Last weekend Rachel and I had the pleasure of working the RDA Show in Austin, TX.  We were joined by the well-loved rep Kenny Rogers (not the singer).

Product Club had an awesome booth full of our products, and the people of Texas obviously know what they want when it comes to coloring hair.  The Quick Study Color Guide (everything you need to know in one place!), colored foils (the most fun a colorist can have), and our Color Stations & Station Mats were among some of the hot items.  If you haven’t checked these products out, make sure you visit our website!

Rachel taught 5 classes over 2 days, and the reviews from the attendees were excellent.  She inspires even the most experienced colorists with her relatable style, advanced techniques, and her fun demeanor.  Make sure you get to take one of her classes at the next show you attend.

Besides being a great show for Product Club, Austin was a great city to be in.  The people were nice, the weather was beautiful, and there were endless stores to shop and things to see.  I can’t wait to go back!

Until next time, happy coloring!

Amanda Lenz


Product Club in Lombard, IL

Melissa Johnson had an awesome time in Lombard, IL at Salon Centric Expressions Show, Amanda and myself had a great time. I had great classes, with amazing students so excited about learning new techniques. In 75 minutes, We shared 5 great new techniques that are awesome add on services, ALL inspired by the Art of Highlighting DVD series. Check out our Facebook page to see some awesome hair done by our students immediately after the show. There were some visitors new to the “hair world” a cool cat named “WatchCat” came to the show with his hairpeople and even came on stage with me to get a closer look and a new perspective. He is on my facebook page tagged in a picture with me. I had a great time introducing our newest member the Product Club team, Maggie. She was a great model and loved her new Moonlighting technique, which is a variation of Switchback sets from Laurie. We also had a great time with Rich who helped us sell out of alot of Product Club Accessories at the booth. I am super excited to be sharing ideas at IBS coming up this weekend and Last weekend spent Sunday at TruBeauty HOPE for beauty, using Product Club tools to share ‘The art of blonding” with 25 stylists!
Stop by IBS in NYC to see us!

Adrienne Rogers IBS New York April 22-24th

Adrienne Rogers   National Technical Training Director

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Adrienne is currently a senior colorist at Cutler Salon in New York City as well as the owner of Hush Salon in Philadelphia. She divides her time between the locations catering to a full book of savvy clients. Adrienne is frequently called upon to color New York’s up & coming models. Her credits include: Best Colorist by Allure Magazine, Behind the Chair, American Salon, Modern Salon, Glamour, and Elle Girl, plus numerous makeovers for other magazines and TV, including Bravo’s Make me a Supermodel and the Daily Buzz.

Adrienne is also the National Technical Training Director for Product Club. In this role, she will be responsible for developing new techniques that are in line with current fashion trends and incorporating them into Product Club’s class formats. She travels extensively teaching advanced coloring techniques in classroom demonstrations and hands-on workshops. Adrienne is a talented salon colorist whose friendly & approachable style makes her a sought out educator & presenter.



What will you be teaching in your class? www.ibsnewyork.com IBS New York April 22-24th 2012
This year there are two classes for IBS that I am teaching. I am teaching The Art of Highlighting and Celebrating Hair Color as an Art Form.
The Art of Highlighting is a series of DVD’s that Product Club Produced last year. Our main mission has been to give ideas to Colorists, and to inspire them to evolve them into new designs that they’ve come up with. The Art of Highlighting Class is variations that I’ve come up with using jumping off points from our DVD collections. I’m really focused on beautiful dimension in hair color and a melted quality of highlights moving through the hair.
The Celebrating Hair Color as an Art Form is more of that plus some interesting comparisons of technique in hair color and art and design.

What’s in for Spring/Summer 2012?
This Spring/Summer is all about color in fashion and I think there is a return of that in hair color too. For quite a while there has been a quietness in the tonal qualities of fashion. I have a wardrobe that’s predominantly grey.
This season is pushing me to shop for more vibrant clothes. I believe hair is in the same boat and I am evolving my clients into beautiful washes of color over their highlights. I’m feeling translucent cherries, ambers, and warm wood tones. I believe these will be a gorgeous compliment to the colorful tones in fashion this season.
It’s all about balance and the complete look.
If a client leans toward a very strong look and is consistent with that I believe their hair color can be stronger too. As a beauty consultant it is important that we as stylists help steer our clients to a cohesive look that they can maintain on a daily basis. I want my client’s look to work for them every day. To be able to stand up to evenings out as well as a trip to the grocery store without ever looking out of place.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by many things for the looks I create. I love art. Abstract, illustration and photography are my favorites. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with interior design as well. There are lots principles in the world of art and design that apply to esthetics. I write things down that appeal to me and see how they can apply to what I’m doing in hair color.
My colleagues are a never ending supply of inspiration as well. We’re so wildly dorky at work talking formula and placement. I love that.
I love that in our industry I am challenged everyday by the client as well I am inspired and pushed by them to continue to evolve their look and keep them current in fashion and feeling good about themselves. It is never a good thing to be too sedentary in your client’s color. They feel cheated and so do I if I lose my edge. After 23 years of doing this I still sweat it out trying to please people. It’s a great victory every time I can pull it off. This industry challenges me and rewards me in a constant cycle and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Illinois: The State of Fun Hair Shows & Delicious Popcorn

Hello all!

The weekend before Easter I was in Lombard, Illinois at The Westin Lombard for the Expression 2012 Show.

I was working for Product Club with Melissa Johnson, and we always have a wonderful time together… but more importantly, we were sharing the awesome-ness of Product Club with everyone we could.

Melissa taught 4 classes in two days on new technique variations from our latest DVD’s, The Art of Highlighting… I manned the booth helping people find their favorite Product Club tools and many of our newest ones, too!

Thermal Wraps, Great Grips Clips, Foil Boards and Foil Assistants were the hot items in Illinois, and rightfully so.  Every stylist should have these tools to keep work professional and exciting!

Rich Mucha was stuck dealing with Melissa & I when we got silly at the end of the days, but that man has a great respect and care for our industry.  Rich has a passion for the integrity of our industry, and for that, I want to give Rich a big thank you.

After a fun & educational weekend, Melissa & I got to try Garrett’s Popcorn… I highly recommend it, if you have the willpower to resist eating the whole bag…

Thanks again for a great weekend, Product Club!

Amanda Lenz

1st in our series of creative tool tip videos

Hi everyone, we’re starting up the first in our series of creative tool tip videos. Check out how to mix tube color with an Applicator Bottle and Hand Mixer. It’s a technique that will impress your clients. Adrienne Rogers takes you through it. Stay tuned for more video content in the coming weeks.


Click here to see the video —> http://www.productclub.com/video/tooltips