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Lisa McAuliffe at America’s Beauty Show 3.5.12

Lisa McAuliffe will be teaching two classes at America’s Beauty Show this coming weekend in Chicago – Sunday, March 4 at 10-11:30am and Monday, March 5 at 10-11:30am.  Both classes will be held in room W187B . She will be teaching Product Club’s The Art of Highlighting. 



Product Club introduces…The Art of Highlighting 

Celebrating Haircolor as an Artform

  You may not have thought about haircolor as an artform in the past, but Product Club’s class will encourage you to do just that. Art is the use of skill and imagination to create and that’s what you do with each and every client. Product Club’s class will not only enhance your highlighting skills with exciting new techniques but will also inspire and awaken your imagination.

  Creative interpretations of highlighting techniques from Product Club’s Art of Highlighting Collection will free you from your old foiling methods. This class includes haircoloring techniques that are adaptations of techniques found on the Art of Highlighting DVDs.   Express yourself, open up your mind and get inspired to be creative again!

What you can expect to learn in Lisa’s seminar…
  • The three Ts of hair color tools, trends, and technique. Learn why Product Club’s tools will enhance your career as a colorist, how trends evolve & where they are going, and modern hair color techniques that are useful in real life scenarios.
  • Lisa’s adaptation of Raylights called Raylight Lowlights.
  • Corrugated color, a one step techniques that creates density and soft veils of color. It’s imperfect, less mechanical, and creates beautiful ribbons of color. This technique can be used with highlights or lowlights.
Who is Lisa McAuliffe?
Lisa took her first job in the hair industry at the age of 14 in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada.  It didn’t take long for her to go from sweeping the floor to applying colors and assisting the busy colorists she worked for.  In her early 20’s Lisa followed her passion and moved her burgeoning career to Toronto, Canada. Once there, she dug in and took every class she could get her hands on. She immediately immersed herself in the philosophies of Schwarzkopf, Toni & Guy, L’Oreal, and Vidal Sassoon.  After accepting a position in a well known uptown salon, Lisa quickly became the fastest growing stylist/colorist and soon developed a reputation for her meticulous attention to detail. By 2003 Lisa was shooting her creative work and entering it into competitions.  Her peers began to take notice in 2004 when she was nominated for the first time by the Canadian Contessa awards as a semi-finalist in the category of “New Comer of the Year”.  In September 2005 her work was featured on the cover of “Salon Magazine”, Canada’s largest trade magazine for the hair and beauty industry.  In 2007 she was once again nominated as a semi finalist in the Contessa awards this time for “Canadian Hairstylist of the Year”, “Ontario Hairstylist of the Year” and “Multicultural Hairstylist of the year”.  Her largest accomplishment came in 2008 when she was nominated by the very prestigious NAHAs (North American Hairstyling Awards) as a finalist in the category of “North American Haircolorist of the Year”.  Since then her work has appeared in “Colorist Magazine” and on many trade websites. In the fall of 2011 she joined the reputable team at “The Alcorn Salon.”

Lisa enjoys travelling with Product Club to various trade shows around North America showcasing her original and very unique techniques.  Her Product Club artistic team members have been quoted by describing her as “having a crisp vision of modern haircolor that is effortlessly communicated,” as well as “being very unique in her approach to color scenarios that we all face every day…  she is extremely inspirational.”

Q&A with Lisa 
P.C. How long have you been in the industry?
Lisa: 16 years.
P.C. What do you love about the industry?
Lisa: I love making people feel good about themselves and the fact that a few highlights will brighten their entire day. We have the ability to create all day long and earn a great living while living our passion.
P.C.  Who is your biggest inspiration as a colorist?
Lisa:  Adrienne Rodgers, her take on hair color is so real. There’s no fluff and everything she does is adaptable and useful in the salon.

Spring 2012 hair color

Spring 2012 hair color by Kristen Linares http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kristen-Linares/177842868974862

This spring you can expect to see many golden hues everywhere. Hair color will have the look of gold jewelry. Rose gold will especially be popular. In spirit of Spring 2012 I took Nina from dark/cool brown with red highlights to an all over lighter rose gold. This is just the beginning of her Spring 2012 hair color makeover. To protect the integrity of her hair we will be reaching her ideal color in the next two appointments.

As you can see in her after photo there are still remnants of the red, which actually worked in our favor. The small amount of red blended well with the lighter pieces creating a “rosy gold”.

When making an extreme change like this be sure to…

-Make an appointment with a professional colorist

– Clarify the hair before coloring

– Purchase a shampoo and conditioner filled with proteins like  Davines Melu

– Apply a deep conditioner 1-2x a week

– Make an appointment for a haircut. *Be prepared to lose some length. The ends of your hair will have gone through some trauma.

– Prebook your next appointment for about 8 weeks.

In case you were wondering this is the inspiration photo we were working from….

In 8 weeks I will be coloring Nina’s hair using Product Club Color Acessories technique called, “Skylighting”. The technique was developed by Laurie Edwards. The Art of Highlighting Volume 2 “Go Fresco!” with Laurie Edwards.    Skylighting is perfect for shifting your single process color clients into more adventurous color. It allows you to keep the base color darker but brighten it up a bit. Skylighting results in a rooty base with some diffused highlights and variations of depth that gradually transition to bright, fresh ends.  Fresh ends is the key term here. Nina’s hair has been colored many times therefore her ends are extremely saturated. Skylighting will allow us to reverse this issue and give her color that most people yearn for!


Want to learn more about Skylighting? Check out Laurie’s educational DVD! —> http://productclub.com/education/dvds Be sure to “like” Product club on facebook for hair color tips and giveaways. http://www.facebook.com/#!/ProductClub


Want tips on hair, makeup, and fashion follow my blog –> http://www.kristenlinares.wordpress.com