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Discover Show STL


Kristen Linares

PC Educator St. Louis


       This weekend was a great learning experience. As always I had a great time with the Product Club education team! Kevin did a great job setting up the booth and motivating us! Adrienne and Laurie really helped me understand what it means to be a color educator. They are both amazing and have so much wisdom to share. I am inspired not only by their hair color abilities but also by their ability to balance their career     while also being a great mothers. I hope to have a fraction of their talent and patience as I advance in my career.

This show was insanely packed with stylist eager to learn and inspired to stock up on their professional tools. We were a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, however very excited that so many people were stocking up on our educational DVDs and tools. The Foil Assistant flew off the shelves.http://productclub.com/whats_new/product-club-foil-assistant I wish I had a picture of some of the astonished faces I seen! I think the Assistant is one of the greatest tools we have. It’s going to be one of those things in the future that we look back and say, “How the h*%! did I ever work without this?!”

Our classes were packed…and so was our booth….      Goodtimes <3



State Beauty Supply put together a great show! Thanks!


Psychedelic Frenzy

I stepped out of Grand Rapids terminal looking for a cab.  I was exhausted by my week but in the hairdressing world all hair conventions take place on our weekend, Sundays and Mondays.

Product Club sent a team to Grand Rapids Michigan for a trade show: me, Ruth Andolsen and Adrienne Rogers.  Kevin Palmquist was there too.  I was excited to see my friends, after all, these shows give us a chance to bond, connect and get inspired.  The cab ride was fast and and when I walked into the hotel’s lobby, I had no doubt I was among hairdressers. Every imaginable hairstyle and color you could dream of surrounded me.  It was a psychedelic frenzy.  My room and roommate, Ruthy were perfecto!

The next two days were filled with high energy and inspiration.  It was great to watch Adrienne in class, I think I learned a trick or two.  Our booth was swamped and sold out almost everything. The hottest items were our DVD collection and the tech track system.  As tiring as it was, the energy and enthusiasm towards Product Club kept me going and engaged. Ruth, I wouldn’t have made it without you!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone and learning at our annual training in December.  Cheers!